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    Your customer will receive a Text Message Ad for exactly what your sell.
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Pick a Mozzart Text Package that's right for your business!

DIY Texting

Are you hands-on, with a clear vision of where you want to take your new Text-Marketing campaigns? Then Mozzart's online Do-It-Yourself Texting service is the right choice. We offer both DIY LITE and DIY PLUS packages.

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Mobilize Custom Plans

MOBILIZE is Mozzart's complete SMS Text Messaging and Mobile Web service. We get your system setup and ready to go in no time. With Mobilize, you can reach both text & mobile internet users. That's 96% of all mobile phone owners.

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Compare Texting Plans

Mozzart offers the widest coverage & variety of plans. Take a tour of our DIY & Mobilize Plans. Got questions? We're here to assist you select the right plan to grow your business...Fast!

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Text Message Blast

Mass text message delivery is the core function of Mozzart Text Messaging. Send & receive 100's, 1000's even a million or more SMS text messages instantly or schedule for future delivey.

Mobile Keyword

A Mobile Keyword is your SMS text brand. Use a keyword to identify your company, product or campaign purpose. Mobile keywords are unique. So it is important to reserve your keyword before it is taken by another party.

Short Code

Instead of using a 10-digit phone number, Mozzart SMS messaging uses easy to enter 5-digit Short Codes to connect to your text campaign(s). Short codes are familiar to most everyone and along with a branded keyword, will make your campaign unique.

Two-Way Text

Instantly respond to incoming text messages with a reply, discount coupon or immediate results. This makes your SMS campaign dynamic. 2-Way Text Messaging is a two-way street. Marketers build their customer list and customers instantly get the premium advertised.

List Builder

Success of text marketing depends on the quality and the perpetual growth of your opt-in list. Mozzart's List Builder service make this task a lot easier. All responders are logged into your opt-in database and our SMS tools will enhance list quality.


If it can't be monitored, it can't be measured. Monitor & and measure SMS campaign performance from your Mozzart SMS Dashborad. Track and analyze your most profitable campaigns.

Mozzart offers a full-range of mobile technologies including: Text Messaging | IM | Mobile Websites | Social Media | Voice Broadcast